Frances Verbeek- creative mentor

Creative Mentoring – unlock your creative potential and bring your dreams to life!

Do you dream of creating a soulful product, website or running a creative project but feel blocked or stuck? Have you hit a roadblock in your journey and find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward?

Creative mentoring offers a tailored and personalised approach that can save you time and frustration by providing you with customised guidance, helping you to avoid the heartache of struggling to find answers on your own. When you’re feeling stuck and are on the brink of giving up, creative mentoring can be a valuable tool to help you find relief and get back on track. What is your dream & what do you need to know in order to get there?

Is Creative Mentoring for you?

Monthly design retainer

This is perfect for you if:

  • You have a specific heart-led website, product or project to create
  • You have questions about website design, branding, online course, illustration, graphics, video, online shop, heart-led marketing
  • You need help planning your project
  • You would love someone to be in it with you for support
Intuitive website design

This won’t suit you if:

  • You’re already an excellent designer and marketing whizz and know what you need to do next!
  • You’re not interested in mindfulness or self-development
  • You don’t have time to invest into the creation process
  • Your project isn’t for the overall good of the whole

Meet your mentor

Hello fellow soulful creative!

I’ve been running my intuitive businesses for 20 years. With The Happi Empire, I’ve created 3 online courses and designed, published and sold over 20,000 soulful products. This includes working with distributors, fulfilment centres, printers, production partners and getting my card deck published in Australia.

With my Intuitive Design Studio, I’ve designed & built over 100 websites and created countless brands, graphics and illustrations. I have absolutely loved every minute of all this wonderful, productive, freedom & creativity!

It wasn’t always this way, I really struggled at the beginning with getting started. I didn’t have any connections or had anyone to follow in the footsteps of. However, with the help of a handful of amazing coaches and mentors, I built momentum with discipline & dedication.

I’m passionate about uplifting people and motivating them to do what they really should be doing – what their heart is calling for. Our dreams are a guide for what we should be doing in this life, not just some distant idea that you long for at the back of your mind. You are worthy of creating this dream, so let’s stop procrastinating, bust through those pesky blocks and move forward with your dream. I’m here to support you!

Frances Verbeek - Intuitive Design Studio
“I always love working with Fran – her high vibe, light attitude has really encouraged me to approach my work differently. Fran has helped me to find my groove and inject a bit more personality into my business, meaning I’m now attracting my dream clients. Everything Fran offers through The Happi Empire is so wholehearted.”
Olivia Moon

Creator, Maker & Photographer, Nido Handmade

Clarity & motivation

What can the mentoring sessions cover?

👉 Dedicated attention & accountability for your creative goal

👉 Advice for the right tools & resources to help you move forward

👉 Steps & guidance for how to design & bring your creation to life

👉 Website planning & advice

👉 Details of contacts that might be helpful

👉 Exactly how to design & build your creative assets, from a business idea with branding to products or courses

👉 Printing guidance

👉 Heart-led marketing direction

Creative Mentoring

Topic options

The creative mentoring sessions cover the hows, whats & wheres of bringing your creative dreams to life!
My experience & resources include:

Inspiration stage

Aligning with your soul goal
Downloading inner inspiration
Manifesting your vision
Following inner guidance

Design stage

Graphics & illustration tips
Soulful branding
Planning & prioritising


The ego resistance stage

Pushing through creative blocks
Discipline & productivity
Self doubt

Relevant resources & contacts

For printing & production
For courses & training
For people & events


Local production
Mass production
Import / Export

Digital Marketing

Heart-led digital marketing
Soulful branding
Social media
Selling strategies

Website & Online Selling

Website design / advice / direction
SEO advice
Set up & manage online courses
Set up & manage online shop
Etsy / Not On The Highstreet advice


Order Fulfilment

Managing customer orders & shipping
Managing wholesale
Systems, software & strategies
Working with fulfilment companies
Finding a distributor

Monthly design retainer

Investment options:

If you’re ready to up-level, let’s work together! Let’s take positive steps towards bringing your dream to life.


One-off:  1hr session, email support 1 week after the session – £75

Package:  3x 1hr sessions over a month, email support during the month – £199

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“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

John C

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