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Illustration to bring your business to life

Whether you need more expression and visual communication for your brand, or are planning a product that would benefit from unique, styled illustration, read on to see how I can help you.

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Would you like your brand to really stand out from competitors?

Commissioning illustration for your brand or a product gives it a unique, quality advantage and a solid foundation to grow from. Having illustrations that people recognise as your brand saves you time in explaining your values and mission over and over again.

Illustrations can be used on social, in publications, on products and on your website. Illustrations can also be developed as your business grows, offering more opportunities for brand awareness and connection with your customers.

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The website design process
The Illustration Process
Step 1: Understand the concept

Understanding the end goal of the illustration is key to success. I will start taking a detailed brief to dig into what the illustration needs to achieve. This will help you hone your idea and achieve the best result. This determines whether the illustration is vector or not, which can only be decided at the beginning!

Step 2: Gather inspiration

After taking a detailed brief and looking at your inspiration, I spend time gathering lots of inspiration and collate it on a Pinterest board. This could be from anywhere – books, online, Pinterest or pure imagination! A variety of all is best.

Step 3: Sketching ideas

To start the drawing process, I create simple, quick sketches to help me hone in on the direction to take. From there, I make more detailed sketches to refine the composition, dimensions & characters. At this stage it’s about concept ideas rather than perfection.

Step 4: Play with colour

Colour is so important in finding the right vibe of an illustration. Colour triggers emotion and enhances the message of the illustration. If I’m working with your brand colours, I like to play around with their placement.

Step 5: Filling shapes

Now I have an initial sketch idea and the colour palette to move forward with, I start blocking out the shapes with colour. The illustration starts to feel more alive now and changes frequently in vibe, as there’s a lot of refining at this stage.

Step 6: Add texture

Adding texture makes an illustration pop! It adds depth and can trigger more emotion, which is exactly how we connect with our desired customer! Depending on the illustration vibe, we may go light or heavy on texture. 

Step 7: Your feedback

At this point, the illustration is starting to take form and it’s time for you to take a peek and offer feedback. I ask questions to help you give the detailed feedback and we go back and forth a couple of times until the illustration is looking spot on.

Step 8: Final refinements

After the feedback stage, I return to the illustration with fresh eyes. Your illustration will be refined with a magnifying glass. Sometimes this means adding a fine line or texture, other times it means removing elements in order to avoid overworking the illustration.

Step 9: Create usable files

Depending on how you want to use the illustrations, I will create usable files enabling you to print, upload and share your new illustration. 

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