Hello lovely! I’m Fran. I love using my design skills to uplift, heal & inspire peace.



I could design all day…

And I do! After learning about manifesting, I have created a life of creativity and self expression. I get lost in playing with imagery, whether that be with a physical creation or a digital artboard. I have been this way since as long as I can remember and have many memories creating all sorts in my childhood bedroom.

I’ve been a digital designer for 20 years, having taught myself as a teenager. My journey began by designing fan magazines and websites for my favourite bands in 1998 – when the internet was entering centre stage! Everything was very clunky, but I was obsessed and would spend hours waiting for the dial up connection to upload my designs. Shortly after, I started designing websites for local businesses and my focus shifted into the holistic field after my first awakening.

how it all began

Soulful clients

My interest in the holistic / spiritual area started in 2003, after attending a series of intense metaphysics retreats. We dove deeply into life purpose with astrology and worked through personal life lessons with meditation. We experienced deep trance channeling, where I was overcome with universal love and deep realisation. We had our fair share of energy healing and learned about the useful nature of affirmations, crystals, oils, sound and other holistic healing tools.

spiritual tools

After having these profound experiences, I couldn’t return to living a normal life, which is when I shifted my focus into working with businesses who help people heal.

This niche is diverse. I’ve enjoyed working with homeopaths, acupuncturists & naturopaths, with life coaches & spiritual teachers. There have been wonderful yogis, intuitive readers, wellness festivals, sacred doulas, subscription boxes, retreat leaders and energy healers. However if you don’t fit into these categories, but know that you’re helping people move towards peace, you’re my person too!

I love my clients and I’m in awe of their passion, drive and hearts of gold to do what they do in the world. They’re changing lives, helping people be well, happy, empowered and peaceful. That’s what everyone wants in life. It’s the bottom line – to stop suffering.

This inspires the bejeezus out of me and is why I do what I do. I use my skills to help people who are helping people. And that fills my love buckets up to the max (sometimes it spills over & I have a happy cry!).

Intuitive art & products

Alongside my design business, I run The Happi Empire, designing self development journals, affirmation cards and other mindful tools. It started after those first awakening retreats and it organically grew from there. I feel my mission in life is to help support people to find out who they really are and offer holistic tools to navigate challenges in a holistic way, which is why I choose to only work with people who are doing this in their own special way.

I’ve painted and drawn all my life, but I must admit, I focus on work 99% of the time, so my personal art projects take a back seat. When I got pregnant in 2020, I stepped off the production wheel for the first time in years and started creating the range of art you see here. These images have been calling me for a while, so I’m very grateful to have had a bit of time to bring them to life. Partly an exercise in manifesting, partly an expression of how my soul feels.

Port-elliot stall
About marketing from the heart


During my years in business, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about online marketing, in particular, how to authentically reach your audience. I think of it as heart-based marketing. You don’t need a sleazy sales page to sell your services, you simply need to understand who your audience is, communicate how you solve their problem and present it in a clear and beautiful way!

And that’s where I come in! If you need a hand with reaching your audience, I would love to help.

A picture can speak a thousand words. The internet is a fickle place, with some reports suggesting people’s attention span only lasts 1 – 2 seconds. An image that can communicate your vibe in one glance is a very powerful thing. So whether you need a new logo, some illustration to communicate your mission, or a website redesign to make sure your business is fully aligned with your soul mission, please get in touch if my work resonates with you. It will be fun to create magic together!

Want to know a little more?

Fun facts!

Creative soul

Creativity is my air! You can always find me creating something: a painting, a product, an outfit, a hairstyle, a website, some illustrations, a pencil drawing, some jewellery, a teepee, a new layout for the living room, a new business idea, a dance, a song, a poem!

My locations

 I live in Cornwall, UK, surrounded by beaches and green rolling hills. There’s a holistic wellbeing community here and it’s the perfect place to have a creative studio. I am English & Australian by birth. I love both countries and plan to live in both for the rest of my life. I also love those Californian vibes!

Good vibes

Spirituality is my reason for everything! I believe there is a spiritual point, cause or reason that can explain every challenge, disease and situation.

I’m a Reiki II Practitioner and charge up all my design work with Reiki energy.

Other projects

I run an online course platform, Bloom Online, for style savvy entrepreneurs. I look after the design and my husband does the tech. If you want to create a passive income and pre-record a course to teach online, ask me about Bloom!

soul symbols
“Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.”

George Carlin

soul symbols