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It’s time for you to feel lighter, process life mindfully & follow inner guidance.

Art for your soul

Adorn your walls with light.

 I channel images reflecting the feeling of a modern spiritual lifestyle, expressing the unseen energy beyond the body’s senses & timeline. This is playtime for me! I hope these images reach a part of your soul that needs ignition to bloom! 

'Asking' print by Frances Verbeek
'Inner Sight' print by Frances Verbeek
'Union' print by Frances Verbeek

Journals, books & card decks

Create a lighter mind.

I’ve sold 20,000 products under ‘The Happi Empire’ brand, which has been a lot of persistence and hard work, but a dream come true! This is my range of useful guided journals, card decks and books to help you process life’s challenges, remember who you really are and follow your intuition to create a life experience aligned with your highest self. The button below will take you to The Happi Empire website to view the full range of products & online courses.

Self Care Playbook by Frances Verbeek
Happi Cards by Frances Verbeek
Gratitude Journal by Frances Verbeek
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Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.

Torrie T. Asai

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